Palringo Instant Messenger App Reviews

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Update is not very good

Since the update pal is being stupid in my Mac, i dont get anymore notifications and it lags too much! Your restarts all the time werent very useful and update is really worse! i hope you can fix that soon as i want to use it further for my Mac. On iPhone works perfectly well, id give a 5 star for that, but not for Mac


i had alot of problems with signing into msn :( it wouldnt show my contacts

Lots of Problems on Lion

The app overall works on Lion, but dont try to scroll. You get this weird distortion in the messages window. Also, theres no way to group contacts together based off of service.

The mic problem

Mic are not working well like the iphone, you hear ticking while leaving a voice message, also i wish they add fonts display in the next update!!

Unable to log in

No idea whether or not this app is any good or not once its up and running. Getting it up and running though, isnt working on OSX Lion. Couldnt create an account, couldnt use it.


Its good enough. Works well on my 2011 MacBook Pro with OSX 10.7.2 Lion. Does what it does. And no Ads :)

Could do more

Palringo has good potential. A give it 3 stars because it could cupport more protocols, such as skype,, twitter etc. like others...

not working well at all!!!

This app is really bugs like hell and its just taking place on your computer for nothing! So, do not download it! :)


It works fine on my Mac

Facebook chat with a mac doesnt work

After about 50 google searches, 50 failed attempts with no support from the actual site, the facebook book service will not login for errors ranging from "Not Authorized" to "Invalid" to "Wrong dmmp" or something. Find a different app if youre a mac user

Does Not Work Well With the Voiceover Screen REader

This app looks promising, however, when adding services, Voiceover does not read the different services, it just says "Unknown." Please add full support for the Voiceover screen reader built into Mac Os X. To enable voiceover on the Mac so you will be able to test the app with Voiceover, simply hold down the command key and press f5. When done, press the same key combination to turn voiceover off

Facebook fails

It just keeps telling me to authorize even after I authorized it. I tried this after Adium stopped working with facebook chat. I use Trillian right now, but Im really interested to find something better because it doesnt work with MSN anymore.

seem not to work with yahoo

I tried couple time with my yahoo account and it couldnt let me in. I am looking forward the undate or better app.

Works for me.

Just installed and facebook, aim, yahoo and google talk all logged in and work. I dont have accounts for the others so I dont know if they are working.

Not so good...

Just thought I would give it a try. 10 crashes in the first few minutes, so I uninstalled. Waste of time.


hi this app is awesome … but we new for the next update … that i can change my avatar … thnx

pal rocks

i have no problem with 4.0.1 at all. im runing it on lion on a macbook and works perfectly fine i been runing the beta 0.998 for ages until recintly i deicded to upgrade only thing its missing is the ability to drag and drop pictures from the web rather try to save them on computer then drag and drop them to pal chat

waste of time

this app is crap it crashes all the times you cant use anything on it!

could set up

I could not set this up with Yahoo messenger. I give up after 10 mins. I google for help found none. If yoiu I can figure this our in 3mins then its fail product.


I dont know if its just me or not but if i incorrectly type up my account information, i have no way to reattempt my login.

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